Patient Survey 2013

March 31, 2013

As agreed after the 2012 survey, the Patient Reference Group (PRG) wanted the Practice to obtain current feed back from our valued patients, by handing out Patient Survey Questionnaires.
The PRG (made up of one retired patient, one teacher, two other full time workers, one young mum and 2 full time students) agreed on the areas to question, which were to include areas not previously covered, such as facilities and general knowledge of the additional services and media sites the surgery has (communication) as well as comments on appointment availabilty, promptness of booked consultations and any suggestions.
100 surveys were given out at Ravensworth with a further 50 at The Medical Centre, Jarrow.
A copy of the actual questionnaire can be viewed by clicking here.
The results are issued below:
Ravensworth Surgery-85% encountered no problems in making their appointments, but 15% had difficulty.
The Medical Centre-86% made their appointments without difficulty, whilst 14% encountered a degree of difficulty.
Ravensworth Surgery-74% of patients were seen at their allocated times, with 26% delayed. Of those delayed, 18% were informed there would be a delay.
The Medical Centre-80% of patients were seen on time, with 20% called in late. Of those delayed, 32% were advised of the problem with apologies.
Ravensworth Surgery- 60% of patients considered their experience excellent, with a further 40% classing it as “good”.
The Medical Centre-52% described their consultation as excellent, with a further 46% as “good”.
Ravensworth Surgery and The Medical Centre both scored 98% for satisfaction of premises and facilities and only Ravensworth patients commented on disatisfaction, with 2% stating that point.
Additional Services (communication links)
Ravensworth Surgery-70% of patients were aware of what health care is offered by the team and 30% felt unsure. However, 41% knew of the existance of the surgery website and 41% of those patients considered there was sufficient health care information within it-13% thought not. 56% patients stated they were unaware of the website-but were now! The PRG was known to 35% patients, with a suprising 65% unaware, however of those patients only 4% wanted to be involved.
The Medical Centre-80% of patients were fully aware of what health care services were available at the surgery, with 18% unsure and a further 2% not specifiying one way or the other. 44% patients knew about the surgery website and 38% of them, felt it contained sufficient information. 10% of patients felt there was insufficient health care information on the site. 56% of patients had been unaware of the website-until now! 30% of patients knew of the PRG, with a staggering 70% denying any knowledge but only 2% of those patients wished to become involved.
Satisfaction & Recommendation
Ravensworth Surgery-91% of patients stated they would be happy to recommend our Practice to family and/or friends.
The Medical Centre-a fantastic 94% of patients commented they would recommend our Practice to family and/or friends.
We would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaires, which form a valuable part of our reflection and future management plans.
Currently we are absorbing the feed back received and sharing this with our vPRG.
We are looking into ways of making the website and PRG more widely known and will be contacting those who expressed an interest in joining the PRG.
Together with the exisitng PRG we are taking on board suggestions to amend the practice website to include information on self-referral processes/smoking cessation etc.
The vPRG agreed that although delays in appointment times cannot always be avoided, we do understand that this can be very upsetting and frustrating for patients and we shall make all attempts to inform patients as soon as possible, when clinicians are running behind.
Providing additional appointment slots and regular “faces” is something that we are continually working towards, especially with the changes at Jarrow. We already have 3 regular GP’s and 3 Practice Nurses.
Comments regarding our helpful and friendly staff and caring clinicians are appreciated and whilst we may not be able to accomodate every individual suggestion made, you can be sure that consideration will be given and acted on where ever feasible, practical and safe to do so.
Ravensworth Surgery is a leading GP surgery in South Shields. Our doctors and nurses pride themselves on delivering outstanding NHS medical care at our health care centres. We have GP doctor surgeries based in South Shields (Ravensworth Surgery) and Jarrow (The Medical Centre). If you would like further information please contact us on 0191 455 2093.
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